Endangered Animals

Endangered Animals

These are a few of the over 5000 vertebrate animals that are threatened or endangered.

A total of 15,589 species face extinction.

Three of the reasons animals are endangered are illegal hunting, habitat loss and pollution. These are all things human are responsible for.

These elephants were all living it up like they should until someone decided they wanted four unique ashtrays. Maybe they just wanted a trophy? Maybe it’s just for the money.

Did you know that these rhinos were dehorned to keep poachers away and yet they were killed in the night anyway?
These are not the only senseless acts by humans. Excessive deforestation without proper evacuation and murder is what will eliminate these primates.

Image of dead monkey in a box with caption: This is one reason black market exotic animals should not be shipped in the mail.

Image of shark with caption: Now here is a creature to be feared. If we fear it, can we kill it?

Image of long nosed dolphin with caption: This Yangtze River dolphin is assumed extinct because no one has seen one in over a year.

Our awareness on pollution has come along way, but not soon enough. There is hope that our environment and its inhabitants can recover.

Pollution aside….WTF? People poach endangered tigers for their bones?

What will it take to stop trophy hunting of endangered animals? Their extinction?

What will it take to be more of aware of pollution? Extinction?

Please give us a future!