Bush Neuters Endangered Species Act

Bush Neuters Endangered Species Act

Host: What’s that crazy Bush Administration been up to lately besides Iraq, civil liberties, and the economy? Well, endangered animals are officially on the hit list.

On August 15, 2008, new regulations were introduced at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service that will remove independent scientific reviews deciding whether or not a government program will impact an endangered species. Thus undermining the the core of the Endangered Species Act.

Under the new rules, the process would work something like this:
“I’m a bureaucrat with the Department of Energy or Transportation”
“I want to build a road or a dam and we found a great spot for it”
“I’m the expert in energy or transport and I think it’s perfect”
“I have no experience, expertise, or degrees in science or related to endangered species”
“Other than my hunting trips with Cheney, that is.”
Under this new process, I will check out the construction site and say, “ Nope, looks like no species harmed. Let’s go to work”. That’s it. No scientists. No review. No more cute black footed ferrets. Senator Barbara Boxer said that if this new proposed regulation had been in place 30 years ago, it would have undermined our ability to protect the grizzly, the great whale, and the bald eagle.

If you want to do something about this, you have until September 15th to comment on the NRDC website or you can send a pre-formatted letter to your representative. The whole thing takes about 20 seconds and there are easy links in our show notes.

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